When checking out of the accommodation, you must have your room inspected by an official inspector. The room can be inspected only when the resident is present in the room. Sign up for room control via form below

How to fill out the form

  1. Choose your current room, choose the date of room control, fill in your personal information and send the form.
  2. You will receive verification e-mail. You must confirm this e-mail in 15 minutes after sending the form.
  3. You can make a reservation until 12:00 of the day before the chosen day of room control.
  4. You will receive information e-mail with details of your reservation and instruction for room cleaning in afternoon hours of the day before the chosen day of room control.
  5. If you want to cancel your reservation, you can do it via link in e-mail no later than 12:00 of the day before the chosen day of room control. For serious reasons, you can cancel your reservation after this time via e-mail to mlyny.hospodarske@uniba.sk or by calling: 0918 110 180
  6. In the case of cancelling the reservation by you or by Mlyny UK, choose the new date for room control and fill out the form again.

Instruction for room control

  1. Prepare your room for room control according to instruction for room cleaning. You can download the instruction here:
  2. When the room control is successful, the inspector will sign the check-out form. You must present this form at the accommodation department. You can download the check-out form for printing here:
  3. The room control is unsuccessful if you are absent or if your room is not ready according to instruction. In this case you must make a new reservation for room control.
  4. More info about checking out from accommodation here: mlyny.uniba.sk/ubytovanie/odubytovanie-z-ar-20182019
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